After taking part of the Young Creative Chevrolet workshop organized by Defo Labor - Réka Fignár, Veronika Nagy and Me decided to attend the YCC competion as a team in the Visual Arts category under the name of PLAN B. Our idea was based on the DIY - Do It Yourself technic to involve the audience through its interactivity as it creates a playful experience, a relationship between human and cars. For the decoration, we cut the Chevrolet logo into 4 pieces - this is the basic element. It was as important as the material is magnetic foil, rather than adhesive labels, it remains variable and provides an interactive surface for all participants - for the company and for the drivers as well. Press release about the award winning ceremony and the concept on
2009 »
 Young Creative Chevrolet group competition » 1. prize in Hungary » 2. prize in Berlin

the award ceremony in berlin - from left to right - Réka fignár, veronika nagy and barbara nyiri
the winning concept
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