My theoretical thesis work is about silence in visual arts, which examines practical works, and theoretical research by looking on silence through linguistics, physics, philosophy, and media theory. During the research, the works of John Cage, Wolfgang Ernst and Maurice Merleau-Ponty made great impressions on me.
The visual representation of silence is best expressed through the synonyms associated with silence itself and through the notion of time. The verbal definitions of silence - the synonyms - appear in the images in a transposed sense with the help of the notion of time.
It is up to our own experience of silence associated with associations to see whether we feel it in the pictures. With the help of new media arts, it opens a field of senses to be able to express silence.
From the physical definition of silence, it is a phenomenon that we can relatively experience, which always requires a reference point, its absolute experience rarely available due to the continuous presence of vibration.
In accordance with the ideas mentioned above and also from the analysis of the photographs, together with my consultant Gyöngyi Pál, we have come to the conclusion that in the visual representation of silence, it is necessary to distinguish between the act of taking the picture and the reception of the picture.
I will elaborate on these in the conclusion part of the thesis.
All in all, my thesis shows that although the medium of photography is not capable of recording sound, and thus is condemned to be silent regardless of the subject matter in the picture, it is nevertheless capable of evoking a sense of silence through its diverse synonyms and temporal scale.
For instance, the visual representation of emptiness - completeness opposites is one such method. The representation can take place at the same time as the absence of the human being or even the presence of the human, creating a feeling of melancholia longing in us. Concerning stillness, we find that not only does the photographer's peace of mind enhance the inner silence during the time of taking the picture, but the stillness of the apparatus with a long exposure time, removes the movement from the photographs and thus provides a clear sight to the viewer.
​​​​​​​You can find the download link below to read my thesis work in Hungarian.

​​​​​​​A photographic essay work formed into book format​​​​​​​
Gyöngyi Pál
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