My master in design diploma was a collaboration with interior designer and achitect Veronika Nagy.We dreamed a playground for kids to an abandoned ​gardenery to regenerate life into a place with its original spirit. The main function of the place remained as a gardernery, but the secondary function was a camp for kids for the summer period. Our intent was to teach kids - especiall from the urban era - how to live in simbiosis with nature and inherit our grandmas knowledge of harvesting their own spices.
Roni was responsible for the architechture and to create a cheerful playground for the kids which I would like to represent here as well to have a greater picture of this imaginary place.
I was responsible for the summer camps packaging design and the corporate identity. The packaging was designed for the kids on purpose with skills development. It was important that they had to glue it together. The same form had a secondary function as well to be able to sell spices in small markets by the gardeney. The dieline would separated by this into two methods. The one which was built by the kids and contained three pieces: the dieline and the paper holding it together with a logo stamping. The second method is imagined for a manufacturing system without the paper holding it together. The material is paperpulp which I thought it was very unexploited. I designed a general form of a "seed". It was very important as it would enlighted the kids for the fact that after the usage of the packaging they can recycle it into their balcony flower pots.
2010 »
 Degree Trademark Protection » Hungarian Patent Office competition

the abandoned gardenery
branstorming the form of the packaging and the final form

the logo
how it worked
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