There are several different projects in this album. I wanted to collect a few works under the theme of TYPOGRAPHY works. 

the poster is from 2008 - I helped organizing a camera obscura workshop under the guidance of balázs telek

this poster is from 2018 and it is a short movie called 'the bus driver' directed by david borbas and based on the novel of ilmar taska - pjobeda

the design of my second master thesis - 

after graduation i started to work under the guidance of zoltán szmolka - graphic designer - among others i helped him building "the collection" book of ludwig museum; the photogrpahs were taken by him - 2011
this booklet was created for solymos design - client gabor solymos

wedding invitation card for viktóra & david

this book was created for the village of megyaszó - it is about the history of the elementary school
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