Since working with analogue photography processes, I had several occasions in my life, when I could express myself with the following technique.
While living and studying in Denmark in 2006 I was learning about silver gelatine techniques in photography from Emil Schildt. I wanted to explore and challenge the notion that as time progresses some photographs might achieve a greater” glory” by persevering them on objects enlarging them for instance, onto the surface of stones.
After moving back from Denmark and continued my studies at the university, I wanted to experiment further with the objects and as a “trophy” creative sculpting task I used a thrown out window to enlarge on.
The third artwork was created for an event organized by VANS – a few artist were asked to create artworks onto vans shoes, the event was running under the name VANS Classics & A38. I was running under the name Angela Androida at that time.

silver gelatine​​​​​​​
Vraa - DENMARK; Sopron - HUNGARY;  Budapest - HUNGARY 
2014 » Vans Classics & A38 » Shoe(print)painting with invited artists on A38 ship » Budapest

Experimenting with the silver gelatine technique

experiments on glass, 2007

"the trophy of my memories" - 2007
experiements on shoes
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