The project was inspired and motivated by something I experienced in 2008 during a trip to Bucharest, Romania. While traveling there I was shocked by seeing so many stray dogs and most of all seeing and feeling the dire life of these animals. In 2013 the Romanian Parliament legislated a policy to euthanize animals which are not claimed within  14 days by the previous, or a new, owner. Now this also the law in Hungary. In other countries in Europe, for example Germany, it is forbidden to end animals’ life except for health reasons. In Norway there is no such law because there are no orphan dogs on the streets. In cities such as Sarajevo there are flocks of dogs everywhere and in a sense, they are fortunate, according to the new policy they are forbidden to kill them, but shelter houses are also crowded. I felt that it was important to talk about this topic and in the summer of 2014, I visited Belgrade and made this series of portraits of dogs living on the streets. The portraits are captured on 4x5 inch sheet film negatives, my intent is to enlarge them on street walls to help ”humanize” these animals so that people will know the situation and understand that the present situation is not acceptable. It needs to be changed.

Digital Print
Belgrade - SERBIA

Stray dogs in belgrade

jackson's family - the people of the block were very happy about the project

the shooting

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