I have also been exploring the subject of silence not just through visualizations but also through music. I participated in Hungary’s one of a kind annual workshops called Köz.kemp. Each year different artists lead workshops and one of the 2018 edition was held by experimental musician Zsolt Sőrés. The music workshop participants formed a band which we named as ” In Silentium Veritas Orchestra” and released our first album under the name of ISVO.
Eszter Lázár - angel sounds ultrasound, garage band, cymbal, taw, stormdrum featuring; *featuring: Katalin Ladik - voice (B/2.); János Donnák - DIY guitar, metal tray, effects; Oxána Sztrehalet - voice; Orsolya Kaincz - clarinet, objects, effects; Zsolt Sőrés - artistic director - viola, eletronics, objects, effects; Barbara Nyíri - calimba, rainstick, spring instruments;
*Photoscore created by the members of Attila Csörgő's workshop - András Zalavári, Lilla Váczi, Richárd Kiss, Szabolcs Vida, Tibor Nagy. The music was recorded between 30th July - 4th August, 2018 at Köz.kemp'18 at Erdőbénye, Hungary. The music was edited by János Donnák and Zsolt Sőrés. Stereo recordings mastered by Szabolcs Puha in August, 2018 at Record Low Studio, Budapest, Hungary.
In Silentium Veritas Orchestra formed by the members of Zsolt Sőrés' free improvised music workshop at Köz.kemp'18.
Special thanks to Dániel János Fodor, Julianna Nyíri, Zsuzsanna Simon, Dóra Villing, Dorottya Vékony
Side ALorem Ipsum - 11:40; Death - 17:45
Side B - Gordius - Live - 6:30; Live in Erdőbénye with the Choir of the Barking Dogs - 9:59Light Experiments - Live - 7:12

​​​​​​​Collaboration With
Eszter Lázár, *featuring: Katalin Ladik, János Donnák, Orsolya Kaincz, Oxána Sztrehalet, Zsolt Sőrés
Erdőbénye, hungary
2018 » COMMUNITAS » Group exhibition in Labor Bp with the results of KÖZ.KEMP workshop 2018; actual topic » RITE » Budapest
The cassette cover was designed by Barbara Nyiri.
The photos of the cassette was made by Tibor Nagy.
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