I was born in 1986, Miskolc, Hungary. My first experience with photography was at the age of 15 during an art workshop in Szerencs. This is where I met with Hungarian painter János Fajó. This meeting made a great impression on me and motivated me to pursue further art studies. After graduating from high school, I enrolled at the University of West-Hungary, Institute of Applied Arts. During this period, I was awarded the Sirius scholarship and moved to Denmark for one year where I had the opportunity to study archaical photography and learned about cyanotype, ambrotype, bromoil and liquid emulsion processes under the guidance of danish photographer Emil Schildt.

photographed by andrás gál, gömörszőlős

After graduating from The University of West Hungary with a major in Design in 2010, I worked for several different digital media and commercial agencies out of Budapest. From 2009 I’m the member of the Studio of Young Photographers in Budapest, my work was shown during several group exhibitions. In 2016 one of my works was exhibited at the Soundscape exhibition at Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest. After this exhibition I started to explore the relationship between visual and audio-based mediums.

For a deeper investigation in the same subject, in 2017 I began studying photography MA at the University of Kaposvár. For several years now I have been exploring the relation between the technical image and the sounds surounds us. Many of my works consists of moving images, I also deal a lot with classical photography, particularly with photograms. My work is characterized by experimenting with different techniques and methods, the juxtaposing of different elements. My recent diploma work constituted of two parts, my thesis paper which was dealing with the portrayal of silence in photography and my practical work, Silence, which was examining the difficulties of finding a silent point in a modern urban centrum point.
After graduating in June, 2019 I moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where I currently live.
I am working as a freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer.

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